Saturday, March 28, 2015

Winky Think - computational thinking in EYFS

It's Saturday morning and the time when I usually test out some new apps. So the first one today is Winky Think. I really liked this! As always I need to find some 3-5 year olds to see if it keeps them engaged, but I thought it was great for problem solving. 

The aim is to navigate your shape to its home. When you are successful it turns green and stars sprinkle out of it - accompanied by an appropriate sound effect. It's a good motivator and I think it would be great for children with SEN too.

There are different elements that you have to think about, such as colour and shape matching.

You have to appy logical reasoning when shapes need to be in a specific order,

and when elements are covered up.

Sometimes the shapes in the way are on elastic, so both hands are needed.

The logical reasoning aspect gets increasingly more difficult.

Mazes are introduced to encourage motor control

and then you find that there are doors in the way, 

Some of which need you to be pressing your shape on the button to keep them open.

There are times when doors move and you have to dodge them. I have got up to around level 54 and wasn't bored, I just wanted to play something else. It will be interesting to see what our youngsters think of it. I shall endeavour to find some beta testers during the holiday! 

If you have any thoughts about this, please let me know!

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