Saturday, March 7, 2015

Brilliant books for the kindle

I'm a big fan of Oliver Jeffers and love using his books in the classroom. I have 8 of his titles and when I see them at the boot sale (rarely) I duplicate so that I can put them in my book box at school or give them to friends. I have used the Incredible Book Eating Boy as part of a mini mantle, which my children loved. They can relate to the art work and recreate in a similar style with a huge sense of achievement. 

I had seen his book, The Day the Crayons Quit, but am ashamed to say that I was too tight to buy it in hardback ... I was reminded of it yesterday when my headteacher had picked it up in the classroom next door to me - a child had brought it in for world book day. I decided I was being a right Scrooge (I am spoilt by 20p boot sale books) so got right on to Amazon, where I found it on Kindle for 69p! Yes, 69p! It's lush!

Now I would normally want this in the flesh, but actually in the classroom it's really easy to project them from the IWB. Everyone gets to see - and with Apple TV I can still hold my iPad like a book, to keep that storyteller feel. Whilst I was there on Amazon, I bought 3 more of Jeffers' 69p books (more are available, but I have them in paperback/hardback and like I said, I'm tight!)

The Hueys books are great for assemblies as they have great underlying values themes. 

The fourth book I bought was, None the Number, which I will definitely be using in maths (probably at the start of the year. 

I have Lost and Found (which we loved on DVD too) and The Way back Home on The iPad already (and paid more than 69p for them!) and who knows, maybe I'll buy the other 69p books by the end of the night. One in the hand, one on the IWB! I would highly recommend them, because the art work is lovely and you can do a huge amount of inference and deduction beyond the story. 

The Heart and the Bottle made me cry. 

If you haven't used his books yet in the classroom, at 69p there's no reason not to! Find them here!

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