Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Polar bear iBooks!

I published this on this blog instead of my class blog by mistake today. My class ipad was plugged into the IWB, so I used mine to capture the children at work. I've decided to keep it on here as well as it shows two of my passions happening in the classroom - ICT and drama. We are PEACE at present, with a huge dilemma of saving some stranded polar bears. 

We have jumped back in time to a few years bcak when we all had to undergo staff training about polar bears. To pass the course, we all had to create quality iBooks. You can see the other drama activities on our class blog. This is the post on the class blog (minimalist - a picture says a thousand words!!)

The staff training is coming along nicely and all PEACE employees are well on their way with their polar bear iBook assignments.

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