Saturday, March 28, 2015

Drawing Carl

Talking Carl was the first app I had seen on an iPhone and after my friend showed it to me it started off a giggling domino effect. When I saw the drawing Carl app I wondered if it would compete with the other drawing apps available, but it was free at the time so I had nothing to lose. 

I think that this is a lovely app for EYFS and KS1, to prepare children for art apps like brushes. It has some nice features, as well as the ones that you would expect to find. What I really liked is the 'smoothness' in which you can draw. At £2.49 it's not one of the cheapest apps available, but it might just keep your little artists amused in the holidays!

There are a lot of options for wallpaper with different colours and styles.

Stamps are easy to use and easy to change colour.

If you are happy you can save and share your picture.

Creating a new colour is simple

and there are some nice effects that you can apply.

The part I like the best is the ability to add features to create your own talking monsters.

It giggles like Talking Carl and it is fun to experiment with the mouths. 

These features will keep children amused for hours! (Well a while any way)

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