Saturday, March 28, 2015

Game Press - game creation in primary schools

This game creating app is a nice way to let your children explore their creativity, whilst covering aspects of the new computing curriculum. It reminds me somewhat of Sketch Nation, which my year 6 digital leaders loved. I learned about it through @ictmagic and the #ukedchat magazine.

A tutorial takes you through the core elements of the app and lets you test out as you are working through it. 

You initially create a moving character that jumps, an enemy who will end the game of you collide, and some coins for a score. It walks you through all of these points so that you can then go off and create your own.

There are a number of backgrounds and elements to add or change and the tutorials along the way are handy.

You can pause your gameplay and presumably record it (mine's not good enough to record!) 

I added some more characters to mine and have realised already that I need to debug as once my main character goes off screen, he doesn't come back. I'm not sure if I would use this app in class, but I will definitely let my code club children explore it to gain their views. It could be a good early introduction to game creation - I shall have to ask my year 5s what they think. If you have used it successfully, please let me know! 

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