Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Toca Mini

Another great little app for EYFS, Toca Mini is very similar to the puppet workshop app that I reviewed earlier today. It starts with a blank 'doll' in a box, which you then design using a range of colours and parts. 

You can make a weird or funny mini, monster or human-like. When you colour the skin it goes up in straight lines, making it easy to create things like stripy socks. There is a range of stamps to choose from to decorate the body, face and limbs.  

The one thing that this does that the puppet workshop app doesn't is animate - and it (kind of) interacts with you. It starts to blink when you add eyes, then speaks when you've added a mouth. It looks happy at certain things and may scratch itself, sigh, smile etc. If you lose concentration for a minute or two, it may wave or growl at you - a monster bear I created started boxing! When you have finished you can take a photo, then it gets boxed up and whizzed off!

The possibilities are endless and it's another great little app for promoting creativity in our youngest children. I was fortunate to get this one via apps gone free. They are quite expensive for schools to fork out for, but they are high quality and easy to use. 

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