Thursday, December 18, 2014

More learning@home!

I have written before about our learning@home successes and thought I would share some more with you. We have linked up with a school in London and before OfSTED arrived we managed to send letters and drop in via Google Earth.
For the half term homework my children had a range of options as usual to choose from and once again there have been some jaw dropping moments. Here are a few of the pieces of work that have arrived.

The London Eye

London landmarks

Big Ben

The Tower of London, with poppies!
Yes, there has clearly been adult input, but that's the point isn't it? My children are working with their parents and my parents are being positive role models with their child's learning. The quality of the work is incredible - much better than we would produce at school, because all children are getting 1:1 support. All children have produced things and the variety is incredible. I have learned new things from the children and they are very excited to share their work. Tomorrow we will celebrate in style with a massive show and tell! 

Big Ben

An amazing pop-up book

The response from parents has been very positive too. They love the variety and that it links in with our school work from the had term. They also tell me how much they enjoy coming in to see it during our open school sessions. 

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