Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Robo logic LE

A quick app review whilst having a cuppa in bed this morning! Robo logic is another linear, Beebot style game that is not as slick as Fix the Factory, but may appeal to your ks1 and lower ks2 children. There is a handy tutorial to start with, but it really is self-explanatory.

You can be creative with how you run your program by using F1 and F2 for your repeat commands. 

And it's good for children to see their algorithms in different ways. However, I became bored fairly quickly. I shall have to find a little beta tester (my nephew!) to continue playing. He might not be irritated by the synthetic sat nav voice as I was! 

It is nice to have a choice to offer children though and they all have different opinions. The robot games seem to appeal to younger children more than the Beebot ones, or maybe it's because they are shiny new? It's an app worth sharing any way.

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