Monday, May 21, 2012

Collaboration, inspiration and #tmeast

On Saturday afternoon I caught up with a group of people at the teach meet in Norwich organised by @tomhenzley - people that I have a huge amount of respect for. I enjoyed the afternoon very much because of this, but also because of the new ideas and inspiration that it brings. This post is a reflection of the teachmeet and some of the people who contributed. It is also testament to the friends you can make via twitter and how you can both learn from and inspire other people. 

I'm not going to shout about them all (you can watch them on the live stream site) but will share some notables. I also admit that my concentration is poor at times and I intend to watch some of those near to the end of the teachmeet again to digest them, particularly @BenRogersova's talk about evolutionary psychology and @teachitso's presentation. I admit I was distracted at times by the cake, the company and @JenniH68's new hair and nails!

Circus skills, forest schools and menus!

 I am always keen to try out new things and @MissRead10 showed how circus skills can provide great brain breaks for children. This is especially relevant when you have a class full of jiggery children who need to get up and move around. Likewise, @normal_for_JP talked about his inspirational forest school work and growth mindsets. He reminded us how intelligences can be developed and failure is an important part of learning.  I often feel constrained by the classroom and envy the fact that he has beautiful woodland on his doorstep. 

@MissJStanton shared her fab work on tri-planning  with google docs, demonstrating how effective it can be across schools. I was in awe of @kezzmerelda and her amazing EYFS digital learning stories and @julian3576, who shares some of my passions (another mantle of the expert/tech fan), when he talked about developing a menu for learning and creating magic moments. @TomHenzley showed some great maths apps, @wigglemyears some great embeddable ict stuff and @jodieworld a free screen casting tool.


My presentations covered the digital leader network, livewriting using coverit live and the power of three - twitter, drama and ICT. These presentations had a common theme - the power of collaborative working. They demonstrated the dedication of teachers and what can be achieved when people go the extra mile to support one other. Twitter has been pivotal in the way I work collaboratively, because the only person mentioned here I worked with BT (before twitter!) was Jenni. 
Whilst I was demonstrating the livewriting, the forces behind it - Cherise Duxbury (@Cherise_Duxbury) and Michelle Brayford (@mbrayford) -  were adding content and sharing ideas. Lisa P (@QueenyPrior) was supporting the flow. I had met Cherise briefly at the start of the Bett Show teachmeet, but it is through twitter that I have got to know her better. How wonderful that these three lovely ladies gave up time on a Saturday afternoon to support me. Does that not show dedication and passion for what they believe in?

I am going to watch some of the videos from the teachmeet again, because I know that I will learn even more with a second viewing - bits that I missed first time. I will wait until my brain can cope with more learning!

Believe it or not, I hate the mic!

My very last shout out goes to @rosiegirl7005 who came despite being poorly and showed me again her intelligence, wit and dedication to children's learning. We could all do with a Steph supporting us in the classroom!

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