Sunday, May 27, 2012

My thinking space

Darrow Lane

Like many teachers I find that the most valuable thinking space is usually the journey to and from work. Sometimes however, I don't want to think about school. I just want to enjoy the beautiful scenery around me and scan the fields for 'my' barn owls. 

Taken just outside Bressingham

Darrow Lane

There are three. I know this because I have seen three in one morning. Winnie (found on Winfarthing Road), Bertie (Boyland common) and Bessie (the outskirts of Bressingham village). I have some shaky film clips and some bog standard photos of this beautiful creature.

Some folks on twitter may be aware of my 'slight' owl cam obsession and this is why. I am fascinated by these beautiful birds of prey. At certain times of year I regularly see them on the way to and from work. I always have my camera with me - just in case.
Common Road

So my thinking space is also the place that often offers much needed distraction and takes my thoughts back to the important things in life. I hope you enjoy the rest of my photos (coming soon!) and would love to know if your journey to work or your thinking space is as lovely as mine!

So here is a snapshot of my daily journey (28th May 2012).

Leaving Banham ...
a stone throw from my house.
Quiet lanes. A fantastic thinking space on the way to work, but also places where I can lose my thoughts and just appreciate the beauty of my surroundings on the way home.  

Another quiet lane about 1/2 km from work.
I would love to know if your journey to work inspires you in any way.

Taken 23rd September 2009. Not fantastic photos, just fantastic skies.

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