Thursday, May 24, 2012

Jacek Yerka

I have waxed lyrical about the art work of Jacek Yerka a couple of times this week (again) and so thought I would add a quick post about this extraordinary artist. I have used his work during BIG writing sessions, for oral storytelling and talk time. Last weekend I used one of his pictures during a livewriting session.
So here are a few of my favourites, but there are many more amazing pieces. They can engage and inspire children of all ages (and adults too!) My year 2/1 children have showed amazing creative writing skills when presented with the artwork (I will add a piece of their writing shortly).
I intend to use Yerka's art as a hook in an exciting new digital literacy project, inspired by the work of Kate Pullinger. Keep your eye out for a blog post in July!

In the meantime, if they could answer, what questions would you ask these pictures? What would the pictures say in response?

What is in the well?
Where have you come from? Is anyone driving you?
What are you for?
Who built you?


  1. Fabulous pictures. Definitely going to bookmark this and use with my class. They prefer pictures for inspiring their writing.

  2. I'm going to use the first picture as a stimulus for writing a non chronological report about a newly discovered town.

    Thank you for the idea.


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