Sunday, November 9, 2014

Little Fox Music Box

I love this app for EYFS and ks1 because it introduces children to composing their own music. It covers part of the new computing curriculum: use technology purposefully to create, store, manipulate and retrieve digital content.

Let's start with singing. There are three songs that you can listen to, sing along in a karaoke style or record your own. The background scene is interactive and humorous. It allows little fingers to explore and control. Delightful! 

The lullaby has quite tricky words, but the version of Old Macdonald is gorgeous. It allows you to change the seasons, stack chicks and give the pig a shower amongst other things.

Changing the seasons allows you to grow different plants. Did I mention this app is delightful?!

But by far the most useful part of this app is the fox composing studio. 

Once inside there is an array of different objects that make different sounds. Click the pink dukebox for your beat (choice of three-the fox dances accordingly) and you are away. It is very amusing! 

If you scroll left and right there are more sounds available.

You can sing along and of course all of this is recordable. I have had this on my iPad for a while, but hadn't got around to playing it. When I finally did last half term, I realised the potential for our children. In my opinion It's an EYFS/infant version of GarageBand or Rockmate. We have purchased it for our iPads at school - it's a quality resource for learning.

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