Thursday, April 10, 2014

9 go to the DFE

I'm at that point in my career where trawling twitter for current news and inspiration has had to take a back seat as there really aren't enough hours in the day. This week though I have caught up on some interesting developments and thought I'd share them. (In between the rambling accounts of what goes on in my classroom, I like to think I am writing posts that share useful information and save others the time to research themselves.  This is one of them. As always, 'scuse the grammar. This post could go in the 'should have paid more attention in those boring grammar lessons' file.)

On the 8th April some tweeting bloggers got invited to the DFE to discuss the new primary curriculum. I was pleased to see Cherryl (a SEN teacher and advocate) and Tim (fellow Mantle/imaginitive enquiry/inquiry advocate) amongst the attendees. It felt good that these folk who I know share many of my views on education were representing the teaching profession (the other attendees clearly share my views too, but I haven't really engaged in discussions with them). Having read the posts, which I won't ramble on about as you can read them yourself, I asked Cherryl the question 'So what?' She hopes that follow up emails and discussions will shed light on this.

Hopefully I'll get to quiz Tim about it in person, when we eventually get to meet up. But maybe not, maybe we'll prefer to talk about the ways we have approached learning in our classrooms.

So, the DFE. Nine went, voiced opinions and gave some home truths (thank you!) But what will the DFE do with this? Is this merely a veil of 'Let's pacify the primary sector by getting some real live teachers in, who clearly know their stuff because they blog about it and share it on twitter, to show that we do listen to the views of those on the ground who are educating our children (views we have no intention of acting on)'?

Only time will tell ...

In the meantime, I recommend that you read these posts. They paint a picture of what happened and what was said. I was intrigued, flabbergasted, amused, proud (not in a patronising kinda way, in a 'someone has the balls to 'politely' challenge' kinda way) and I sincerely hope that their opinions are considered and acted upon.

The posts so far:

DFE meeting on the new primary curriculum Tim Taylor

Meeting the Big Wigs Miss Smith

Our day out (at the DFE)  Debra Kidd

Yesterday's meeting at the DFE Cherryl KD

DFE @theprimaryhead

The View from Westminster Bridge @educationbear

Additions (10/04/2014)

Judging by her speech about improving teaching and learning today, it would appear that Liz Truss didn't really hear what the group said about differentiation (or what was expressed about text books) or testing ... hmm, maybe she just needed a little more time to reflect?

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