Saturday, March 15, 2014

Mystery Math Museum

Now that my reports are done I have spent a bit more time playing with some apps that I've been meaning to look at properly for a while. The first one is Mystery Math Museum and really like it. It would hold the interest of some of the children in my year 2 class and I think would be a good way in for children with SEN, who enjoy gaming. It's not complicated - easy enough for my year 2s and younger, but the difficulty level can be differentiated.

You start with a map and access to some buildings. Other buildings get unlocked as you go through your journey. The essence of the game so far is that you rescue dragonflies or collect gold coins to gain a portrait, by going through different buildings.

To get through the doors you have to solve calculations (you can set the skill level of this so it is easily differentiated).

As you pass through rooms, you collect numbers in bubbles in order to complete the sums to open the doors. There's a certain amount of problem solving here, as you may not have the numbers you need, so you have to go a different route to find them. Within each room there are lots of interactive elements - mostly sound effects. Visually it looks good. Next week I will get one of my 7 year old digital leaders to have a look and review it from their perspective.

At £1.99 I think this could be a brilliant game to have at home and it is one that I will be letting my parents know about.

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