Monday, February 24, 2014

Computing staff meeting

I was asked today to deliver a computing staff meeting tomorrow and can do lots without much preparation. I am very much a 'show a synopsis, let folk explore' kind of teacher, but the last time I delivered a staff meeting I had digital leaders offering 1:1 support for teachers, so now I need to be more prepared as I'm on my own! This post will act as a one stop shop for staff to find and follow links.

For computing ipad apps, look no further than my ipad site! It may be in need of an update, but the basics are there. I also used Espresso coding resources today, which are free until October. My class loved it! I will make sure that all staff get the opportunity to play with this during the staff meeting.

There is a comprehensive computing ITT and CPD document created by a group of notable ICT folk, which contains this hilarious sandwichbot by @Baggiepr.

I may have added my Gruffalo journey to that document, amongst other things (pretends to be notable!)

More free resources include the useful rising stars unit We are programmers and Rising Stars Switched on Computing with Microsoft written by @ohlottie

Naace have very kindly produced a guide for primary teachers, 'Computing in the National Curriculum'. It offers subject knowledge support and advice for planning and resourcing this curriculum area.

Whilst at Roydon I started to put together a 'progression in computing' document to support teachers to use our available resources. We were lucky, most of our Tesco schools vouchers went on ICT resources over the years and we had used them wisely. Having iPads are also useful as they are an easy way to get children and teachers to start thinking about the new computing curriculum. There are a lot of apps out there that help children develop their computational thinking skills, which just means that they develop the ability to find ways of solving problems, using appropriate algorithms. So they may not get the solution they want, but they have the skills to think about alternatives, make adjustments and try again. Skills that will support them throughout life.

I would be really grateful if you know of anything that can be added to  The crowd sourced computing doc or any notable resources to add to this post.


Scratch dressing up game for 6-8 yr olds by Phil Bagge


Python programming unit with some examples of code by @drchips_

@GeekyNicki has lots of great Kodu resources on her blog

Essential reading (copied from a previous post)

Computing at School by Miles Berry

Hour of code and @worrydream's Should Children Program Computers?

Tablets in schools: coding, creativity and the importance of teachers

New OfSTED guidance and ICT posted by @ICTevangelist

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