Friday, November 30, 2012

Digital Literacy Project: The End

Today I worked with other inspirational teachers - Sarah, Niki and Adam  - at the UEA to show PGCE students our digital literacy work. The work was inspired by Kate Pullinger's 'Inanimate Alice' and I have blogged about the start of the project here.  When I started to put together a prezi for my presentation, I felt very proud of the work that my children did. It was lovely to spend time revisiting this work that we did at the end of the last school year. The whole project had a good feel to it and a great balance of drama, enquiry and ICT. We really explored our creativity in a great local environment.

When I looked back at posts on this blog I realised that I hadn't shown all of the work. My children's finished work was collated in a map so that parents could see some of their fabulous films, stories and poems all in one place. Of course there are more examples of my children's puppet pal movies, photostories and art work on their class blog. We did a lot and even got a comment from Michael Rosen! It is work that I will definitely repeat in some way!

                                                               View Digital stories by Badger Class in a larger map

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  1. Hi Sheli,

    What a wonderful experience for both adults and students.

    When last I had a class of my own we didn't have this level of technology. We did have digital video and still cameras and could create digital presentations with the likes of Quicktime and iMovie but the level of integration available today would have been a dream. Back then such innovations were restricted to keen techie types like me but now are so easily open to all.

    "It is work that I will definitely repeat in some way!" I most certainly hope so. When you're on to a good thing, integrate and develop it. :)

    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia


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