Friday, November 16, 2012

RiskIT for a biscuit?!

At the end of October we participated in Naace's two week RiskIT campaign at school, which encourages staff to try something new in ICT. The Key RiskIT Elements are:

  • Working in judgment-free environment
  • Trying new things
  • Experimenting
  • Taking the fear out of technology
  • Making teachers young again
  • Mind over matter
  • Taking control of the technology
  • Learning new things
  • Learning from students
  • Not afraid of failure, but learn from it

So how did we RiskIT? By doing lots of things that may not have been new to all teachers, but were a big leap for some. I put up a timetable in the staffroom to encourage teachers to sign up and 'RiskIt for a biscuit!' 

So here are some of the things that teachers did at Roydon Primary:

  • Use crazytalk to start an enquiry/drama lessonss
  • Give the digital leaders the opportunity to create their own blog
  • Year 2/1s used crazytalk on the ipad to create a news report about the great fire of London
  • Other year 2/1s used book creator to create fact sheets about the great fire
  • Create symmetrical pictures using textease paint
  • A skype session with a viking
  • Using Mr Thorne does phonics apps in class on the ipads with reception aged children

 I think they earned a biscuit or two! 

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  1. That is fantastic Sheli. please visit the for more info. we intend to do the the same thing next October.
    Mr A Benjeddi


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