Saturday, August 4, 2012

Some links from my twitter favourites

So finally I have had time to skim down my countless favourite tweets and look at some of the resources that I have saved. I thought I would share them as there are some spectacular resources here! Acknowledgement is given to the tweeters who shared the links - not necessarily the authors of the sites/blogs that are mentioned. This is only a sample of the many that I had favourited, but hopefully there will be something that will catch your eye as you scroll down.

It's nice to have a bit of thinking time!


The digital studies wiki shared at #rethinkingICT by the wonderful @teachesICT @sharland and @infernaldepart

@dajbelshaw Mozilla open badges and create and play text adventures (the latter looks more like a ks3/4 resource to me)

@itdirectorscut blockly a visual programming language like scratch, from google

@russellwareham 36 resources to get your children programming

@HywellRoberts Chaos in your town - hilarious fun 'blowing up' your house/neighbours (sounds terrible, but is great fun if you want to blow up your school!)

@rhp123 ideas for using minecraft in the classroom

@TomBarrett 80+ google forms for the classroom

@edtechtoday safe social networking sites for kids (has anyone tried any of these out?)

@simonhaughton create a simple angry birds scratch game (I've tried it out and it works)

@jobadge curriculum framework for ICT from CAS

@ictast innovation and QR codes in the primary school

@rhp123 50 web2.0 tools for schools

@SimonBainbridge   screencasting tools for schools

@mberry A recording of his #rethinkingICT presentation 'An open source curriculum'

Teacher well-being

@TomBarrett work-life balance a crowd-sourced resource that includes lots of other teaching tips

Brilliant books

@PosPositive  50 books with a positive message

@imaginationsoup 75 character-building books


@langwitches digital storytelling

@Cherise_Duxbury games to teach aspects of writing. From TES, I think these are the ones that Cherise uses during livewriting sessions.

Useful ipad links

@syded06 ipads and parental involvement

@janwebb21 the ipad as a tool for education - a case study

@rhp123 Report says giving iPads to Auburn kindergartners increases test scores 

@itdirectorscut a friendly guide to deploying ipads in your school

@EIKe199 A girl can live by apps alone

A scoopit page by @DavidMiller_UK

Scandinavian schools

@JackCWest A BBc report about Finland's educational success

@Cherise_Duxbury Swedish schools abandon the classroom


Amazing art

@dughall water and ink

@dughall make an avatar of your tweets

@dughall 50 best street art work selected in 2011 (truly amazing!)

Useful edu links

@knikitea steps to success in maths: securing progress for all children

Top blogs

I like this from @ktvee because it provides lots of food for thought.

Enabling environments shared by @marc_faulder has lots of ipad news

@teachesICT one of the digital studies crew has a blog here

@matthewbritton ICT in education

@normal_for_jp his forest school weebly should inspire you to get outdoors! I also love this little gem on the web 50 things to do before you are11 3/4

And finally, this was shared by @ChrisMayoh, @Dughall and @digitalmaverick. If that doesn't persuade you to watch, nothing will! What an inspirational and creative child! (It has given me an idea for school too!)

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