Sunday, January 11, 2015

Blind date with a book

I wanted to share this fab idea that one of my colleagues (Lovely Lisa!) shared with me. She had seen it at a reading conference, so I apologise for not accrediting the initial sharer of the idea. We both now give our children the choice of changing their reading book in the normal way, or selecting a blind date book. 

Algona Public Library

Each blind date book is wrapped so that children cannot see what they are getting. I teach class 2, so the books may be at the appropriate level, or a challenge for the child. I preempted confusion about this by sending a letter home to parents explaining about blind date books and that they are for reading alone or sharing together. I have included favourite class stories, picture books, early independent readers and some longer stories, which get put into a 'blind date tub'. Not only does it introduce children to books they may not usually choose, it makes them read (or read more quickly) at home because they are keen to choose another blind date book. 

Interestingly, two children at the end of last half term chose not take a blind date book. One of them was keen to read the last book from our reading scheme boxes, the other child just didn't want to take the risk!

You can see some more examples of blind date books on pinterest.

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