Saturday, October 18, 2014

Computing in KS1 and 2

I just thought I would share some computing resources that I haven't blogged about before (you can read previous computing posts here and don't forget the shared computing documents that you can access in the sidebar on the right).

The BBC have kindly produced a page that will help you explain the basics of algorithms to infants if you are struggling.

It also covers another important part of the computing curriculum How to use the Web safely, which includes amazing apps, wonderful websites and great games. There is also a section on personal information, which reminds us what we should cover as well as providing an infant friendly way of explaining it. Not bad for a freebie!

This presentation by Emma Goto may help you deliver the computing curriculum in KS1 and 2 without the use of whizzy technology, but by using things usually found in infant/early years settings.

Another great idea for computing without a computing comes from Dr Techniko - How to train your Robot.If you are a member of TES you can download the human crane activity from Phil Bagge (our sandwichbot friend!).

I have already played with the new Scratch app on the ipads and think it's a great buy at 69p. I like the way that you snap the commands together to make your code. It's a great accompaniment to other computing apps. You can find more here if you have an ipad.  I particularly like the problem solving elements of Pettson's inventions and monster physics.

Ruby is a simple programming language with a built in tutorial. You could set your children off to work independently and they will soon learn how to write simple code and how to debug (well I did when I didn't follow the instructions carefully!)

If you look back at past posts, you will see more computing ideas. If you have any to share, please add a comment!

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