Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Being SENco part 3: the OfSTED file

Today I went to a local special school for the last day of a very fruitful 'new SENco' programme. It has been fruitful partly because of the organisation of it, partly because of the experts leading it and partly because of the networking time available to learn best practice from others. As an OfSTED inspection is imminent at EHPS I have started to put together an information for OfSTED file and I took this along with me. The contents of the file look like this (so far):


1                                           SEN register
1a                                         Graduated Response
2                                           Progress of children with SEN across the school
3                                           SENDco action plan
4                                           Provision map EHPS
5                                           Provision map for cluster
6                                           Case study 1
7                                           Case study 2
8                                           Personal learning profile example
9                                           Pupil intervention tracking example
10                                        IEP example
11                                        GEP example
12                                       TA skills register
13                                       Intervention overview and impact: 1st class@number
14                                       Cluster SEN identification guidelines

15                                      SEN policy 

As always I was happy to share this with others and I hoped that someone would say 'What about adding this or that?' When we had a workshop on action planning I shared mine, which I have talked about here. It felt really good when we had moved to a different workshop and the lead of the action planning one came through and asked if she could have my file to show others. I know it's not perfect, but that told me I am on the right lines.

Another teacher (Kendra I think) shared a document containing questions that an inspector might ask. I had asked this question to an inspector last week and he said that all inspectors were different, but really just to make sure that I know my children and could explain progress. Today I feel confident that I am in control and know what I am doing regarding SEN at EHPS - who knows how long this confidence will stay!

I will upload some of the docs into google docs asap (I need to anonymise them first), but some teachers found the contents page useful so I said I would share it. Any thoughts / ideas appreciated!

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  1. Thanks for this Shelli, I have been working with SENCO's recently (showing them our new program) and the general feeling is one if being overwhelmed. Forming support networks is going to be crucial


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