Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Two new computing resources

I thought I would do a quick share of a couple of new computing resources. They show up on a computing / digital literacy document that I am working on (it is very much a working document - and gdocs is not letting me do what I want with the cells, so please excuse format in places!)

So, two new resources. The first is called code monster and is a free tool made by a computing guy who wanted to teach his children basic code. I think I would introduce this in year 4. I'm sure younger children could do it, but I think it would go well with other lower ks2 learning. 

The code monster gives you basic instructions to follow, to change the code and see what happens. It is very simple to follow and use, letting children explore, break it, fix it and learn!

The second resource is called kodable and is an ipad app, shared by . It is a simple resource that promotes logical thinking - in a similar way to beebots. On first look I was a little disappointed - I was hoping for a Cargobot style challenge, but it didn't seem as challenging as Beebot or ALEX. However, I can see that there is a big place for this starting in EYFS, and the further you go, the more challenging it becomes. The basic app is free and the kodable pro (currently 70% off at £1.99) promises 90 levels of programmable fun! (I've not done them all yet!) 

This is what I like about what this app can do as you progress through the levels (synopsis taken from the app store):

- Learn to solve problems (especially fuzzy ones) in sequential steps
- Include conditional statements like "If this, then that" to do even more
- Add loops: commands that repeat a number of times
- Lead fuzzes through 30 linear & logical labyrinths they'll love

- A second world packed with 30 additional mazes
- Extra fuzzes to add to your collection
- Learn to (re)use functions more than once for smarter coding
- Find out what happens when you combine functions and conditions!

It certainly kept me entertained whilst I was playing on it and is very simple to use. For more information, read on here!

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