Saturday, February 9, 2013

The DLN Naace nomination

It was with mixed feelings that I received nominations for the Naace impact award last year. It felt a bit undeserved as the Digital Leader Network blog is very much a collaborative effort. It would not be so successful without the time and effort that other teachers and digital leaders have put in. The people who kindly nominated me were very generous with their praise and encouraged me that this would be a positive thing for everyone involved in the DLN, so I filled in the form and said why the 'DLN' deserved an award.

I would never take credit for other people's work - I hate it when others do it - and have always been careful to acknowledge sources of inspiration. Finding out that I had been shortlisted renewed the mixed feelings I had before. Being in the same category as Chris Mayoh is difficult as he was the person who inspired me to get started with digital leaders in the first place. I wish him the best of luck - I truly believe that he deserves more than an impact award! 

I have however submitted a short film and would be proud to receive an award on behalf of all the other people, including Chris, who have contributed to the blog's success. Please excuse my Norfolk twang - I am a country bumpkin, but not quite as simple as I sound!

Take a look at the Naace Impact Awards shortlist for all shortlisted nominations. Some of my good tweeting friends, like Anthony Evans and Julia Skinner have been recognised for their hard work and contribution to the world of ICT.

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