Sunday, February 23, 2014

Our curriculum tree

My first two days at East Harling Primary consisted of the usual INSET training days, one of which concentrated on the new primary curriculum. Amanda, (our headteacher) and Jane (senior leader responsible for curriculum design) put together our curriculum tree, which hopefully will be painted onto a wall at our school at some point. It may of course change, but for now it represents our curriculum at East Harling Primary School and Nursery

When both Amanda and Jane attended a curriculum course at our local professional development centre, they were asked to share their model with other schools, as it was an example of what the course was promoting. 

So now I am sharing it as I am sure it will inspire you to reflect on the curriculum that you want for your children, school and community. 

This is what Amanda has written on our school website:

Our 'curriculum tree' summarises our approach to teaching and learning at East Harling Primary School and Nursery. Our curriculum is more than what is taught in the classroom but embodies all of the learning that takes place within our school. We base our curriculum upon our core values and skills which form the roots for teaching and learning in our school. This is supported by our 'taught' curriculum (the tree trunk), made up of the national curriculum (which we are required to teach) and our school curriculum (the additional knowledge, skills and understanding that we choose to add to our curriculum). Our approach to teaching and learning is what brings the curriculum alive for the children and allows them to flourish (just like the canopy of the tree!).
Like any living thing, our curriculum tree is constantly growing and evolving! There will be times when it will need pruning (as we are constantly reviewing and developing our curriculum to ensure that it meets the needs of our children) and others when it will need to be fertilised (so that different areas can be given additional focus or a boost!).

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