Monday, March 18, 2013

Morfo booth and crazy talk

This week my year 2/1s will be using morfo booth for more than just creative free play. They will be using it to scare Mr BB with their very own monster creations (I will share these soon). I have been thinking how lovely it is that my children can do this, as my previous method of animating people was through crazytalk, which I believe would be too hard for my infants to do.

I have used crazy talk a lot to start an enquiry or bring a celebritiy into the classroom. Amongst other things it enabled me to get a gnome to request a St Lucia holiday brochure, Richard Branson to offer support to a charity and Dr Who to send us on missions. The great thing about crazy talk is that you can manipulate faces carefully, upload sound files, such as those created in audacity, change backgrounds and give your animations great voices. Watch the video below then check out some more examples here to see what crazy talk can do.

The main problem of crazytalk is that can be time consuming - and I am always looking for easier options. I was more than happy when I realised that morfo booth on the ipads can do the same job, in minutes. I have only got the free version, but it is fine for what I want. Take a look at the examples below. They are more than adequate for my needs - and the children love having 'celebrities' in the classroom.

Gruffalo work will be shared soon

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